Sunday, March 26, 2023

Competitive Intelligence

Accurate & Relevant

East Asia Group specializes in providing competitive intelligence by obtaining and analyzing information from a multitude of sources. We provide an unbiased assessment of competitors by gathering and utilizing intelligence to help our clients fomulate both short-term and mid-term goals. Our insights into market dynamics, risk and growth challenges helps to improve competitive strategy and leverage competitive capabilities.

Our competitive intelligence deliverables provides for: improved understanding of the business environment; enhanced ability to minimize risk to operational and strategic decisions; improved capabilitiy to rapidly respond to business opportunities; anticipated competitor moves and responses; facilitating better future planning for brand managers and product managers; foreknowledge to maintain the dominant market position against new and existing competitors; and, appropriate preparation for smart enterance into a new market against entrenched competitors.

Every organization is different and has unique competitive intelligence requirements. Our services are customized to your specific needs. We support your precise needs with our expertise in key industries and regions, deep experience and networks that extend throughout government, industry, and civil society in the US and East Asia.

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