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East Asia Group is a full-service strategic advisory that provides insight and clarity to facilitate better decision-making for individuals and organizations operating in the U.S. and throughout East Asia. We help American and international clients navigate the complex business, government, and policy environments with strategies for success in key foreign markets in East Asia, Europe and the U.S. We develop successful international strategies to resolve specific business and specific policy issues, and analyze foreign policy, political, economic and social developments and trends.

East Asia Group's international success stems from our long-term relationships throughout the U.S. and in capitals around the world of highly diverse local and regional specialists that are on the ground and in-country that brings deeper understanding, relationships and clarity that absolutely cannot be achieved by simply looking at pictures, videos and reading various types of reports, augmented by our understanding of the extreme complexities — historical, cultural, political, economic and security — that shape their decisions and outcomes. East Asia Group is primarily active in three areas:

Our international practice specializes in providing strategic advice, and strategies for a wide range of clients, including individuals, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, and trade associations.

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