Saturday, November 27, 2021

East Asia Group (EAGRP)

Welcome to East Asia Group.

We provide smart, cost-effective, and proven methods to succeed in the Unites States and East Asia that reduce risk, create value, provide clarity, accelerate growth and build capacity to continuously innovate. We fuse strategy, intelligence, creativity and analytics in our process to create a perspective — brilliant, probing, skeptical, insightful — solely focusing on significant change in the big picture and expert approach in consulting engagements.

Our teams conducting field research and engagements have the business acumen, language skills and deep cultural understanding necessary for efficiency and effectiveness are based in the many markets we serve in the United States and across East Asia. We serve businesses of all sizes, and some of the most complex defense, intelligence, and government projects across the United States and throughout East Asia. We understand the highly complex environments and intricacies of the markets we serve. Our teams are made up of experts that understand the culture and language, technologists and innovators who know what is required for change and adapt in our highly uncertain world.

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